Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ragusa's Grill

So riding down Government again and passed a place that said best burger in town, so I had to check if they were being honest. This place is a simple takeaway burger joint with a small menu. The menu has ham and cheese sandwiches, roast beef sandwiches, Italian sausage, chicken wings, and burgers. That's pretty much it. I like small menus, but you got to make sure you do the things on the menu real well.

They don't offer fries with the burger, but I was fine with that because they have my favorite local chip, Zapp's. These crispy delights are a great thick cut potato chip, and are probably the best seasoned chip on the market. They use different southern influenced flavor combinations that are all good, like the sour cream & creole onion, cajun dill, and cajun crawtator. I picked my favorite flavor the Creole Tomato with Tabasco, a great mix of sweet and spicy. For the burger, I decided to go with the Big Ragu Cheeseburger. I was excited as soon as I opened the box to see a nice hand-made burger patty with the juices still dripping from the meat. As soon as I took the first bite, I was surprised at the unique flavor of the burger. I soon realized that the burger was a mix of ground beef and Italian sausage. The sweetness of the pork and anise seed mixed with the beef made for a nice combo and while keeping a juicy patty. Each bite kept the mouth guessing with the different flavors the burger offered.

Now also one of the benefits to riding around the city and this place being a takeaway I can find a nice place to eat my tasty treats. I decided to enjoy my burger in the comforts of city park near the garden district with a great view. With a beautiful Baton Rouge day, the burger experience only became a little better. I don't know if it was the best burger in town but it was a pretty good one. Peace and chicken grease.
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  1. Hmm...i like burger..:D
    it looks delicious....